January 2024 – Stats

By Flavia

Stolen Motor Vehicle recovered!

Calls for service

Burglary: 0

Vehicle Trespass: 0

Auto Theft: 0

Suspicious Activity: 0

Recovered Stolen Vehicles: 1

Shots Fired: 0

Traffic Complaints: 0

Loud Music:  0

Simple Assaults: 0

Criminal Mischief: 1

Total Case reports taken: 1I

In month of January, with the help of your commUNITY, officers were able to recover a stolen vehicle. The criminal mischief call was a commUNITY member calling in about the vandalism issue at the park. We are attempting to find a solution to the problem. We will still need your help to call in suspicious vehicles, or parties in the commUNITY.

When we have events, we will invite you out!!

Please reach out and let us know if there is anything we can do for you!

Officer K. Orellana | Police OfficerThornton Police Department

9551 Civic Center DrThornton, CO 80229