February Stats and Thornton PD Newsletter

By Flavia

For February, Thornton PD has given our stats and also comparison stats for Sector 4. I encourage you to give us your feedback!

Thank you for your continued partnership. In the month of February your CommUNITY Watch area had the following calls for service:
Burglary: 0
Vehicle Trespass: 0
Auto Theft: 0
Suspicious Activity: 2
Recovered Stolen Vehicles: 0
Shots Fired: 0
Traffic Complaints: 0
Loud Music: 0
Simple Assaults: 0
Case reports: 0

  • The suspicious activities were both a neighbor calling in, about unknown vehicles in the area, vehicles left before officers’ response.
  • Another issue that seems to be happening is parking issues. I have attached code compliance guidelines. (Code Violations & Graffiti Removal (thorntonco.gov))
    There are several community events happening in the city. We would love for you to join us and share the events with your community.
  • March 6,2024- Café y pan (coffee with a cop)
  • March 7, 2024- Coffee with a Cop (Starbucks E 102nd Ave. and Grant St.)
  • March 9,2024- Special Olympics Polar Plunge
  • March 12,2024 – Sector 1 Community Safety Meeting
    Thornton Police Department March 2024
    CLO Team 6
  • March 13, 2024- Sector 6 Community Safety Meeting
  • Sector 4 Overall Stats (1/28-2/24):
    Burglary: 2 (1 Residential, 1 non-residential)
    Vehicle Trespass: 7
    Auto Theft: 15
    Recovered Stolen Vehicles: 4
    Shots Fired: 0
    Simple Assaults: 12
    Please forward any questions or community issues to me.
    Thank you,
    CLO Team